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What is a 'wiki'?
A wiki is like an encyclopaedia of information which can be edited and updated by YOU. As a member of Stanley Tech's History community YOU can create pages about topics, write reports and upload multimedia which will help bring it to life. You can do your history project on here, and show others how much you know.

Why do this?
Reading revision notes is a very ineffective way of learning the key knowledge needed in exams. This is especially so when your exercise books may be missing lots of information. When you actually sit down and create the notes yourself, through researching and writing it up here - you will be amazed at how much you remember later!

How do I get started?
Below are some topic titles. Click on one and then press 'Edit This Page' to begin writing a page, or editing it.

For creating good pages you will earn special certificates in the achievement assemblies - highlighting your Web 2.0 skills and your historical prowess!

For Years Ten and Eleven only: American West Crime and Punishment

For Years Seven, Eight and Nine only: The Twentieth Century Black Peoples of America The Industrial Revolution Making of the UK The Middle Ages